August 9, 2014

Joy to the world...

There is a lot to say about joy
Much to say about the light.
We just have to figure out
How to say it right.

I wish that I was better at writing about the joy and light that there is in the world.  It's there, and it's something to rejoice in, but I find it difficult to find words and ways of moving through it that seem worthwhile.  Something about the dark and sadness moves me in a different way, although I am trying hard to incorporate the other.  No success yet, and maybe there never will be, but we must live in hope.

All that to say here is another sad and slow song because that is what I can do, for now.  It's called A Mountain, Unmovable and that is all I will say about it.

March 31, 2014

Sent from my kitchen studio...

Hello to you all!

It is Spring, and here I will make the obvious connections to new beginnings and share with you all that this page marks one for me.  I've been absent from the music world for a few years now, quietly ignoring my piano and notebooks for months on end, and then diving into them with fervor only to be banished back outside, into the hallway, where I am supposed to think about the things I've done.  Banished by who?  Well, myself I guess.  Anyway, it ain't easy but as I've learned in the past few years I think writing songs is part of how I live in the world.  It's as much for me as it is for anyone who is generous enough to listen.

Enough of that.  This page is for music that I've written, that I'm writing, and that I will write.  I've got a little recording set-up in the corner of my kitchen, where I am not making anything groundbreaking, professional, or polished.  It's my kitchen studio, where I will sit down to sing, play and record in between doing all the other things that living a life requires.  I don't have a soundproofed space and I have an old piano which will be reflecting off my wooden floors and windows, along with my voice.  This is how I like it, and what I am capable of in my daily life, and that is that.  I feel absolutely lucky to have a place to do all of this, and I hope that the music I'll be posting here will be found useful by someone.  Thank you again for visiting and with great sincerity I say that I am very grateful for all the support I've received in the past and for the support I may receive in the future.

For my first post here, I am going to put up a song that I wrote and recorded about 5 years ago (5? Really?!?!) but have never put anywhere.  So, here's a start!  It's called Violent Waves and I wrote it after reading the great book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.  It's about the book but also about all the other stuff floating around my head that relates to the book... and now listening again years after writing it, it kind of reveals it's meaning to me; a relevance that had escaped me when I belted it out all that time ago.