March 5, 2016

Something's happening!!

I am breaking the silence of this page for a couple of exciting news items. Life is returning to my online presence and I know everyone is going to be very relieved. I know I am.
Firstly, I am playing a show! I was invited by the very kind Jon Gonzales to play his Songwriters in the Round series at Hopmonk in Sebastopol on March 24th. The show starts at 8pm, and I will be sharing the stage with three other songwriters: Bill DeCarli, Anita Bear Sandwina, and Coyote Slim. We will be taking turns playing our tunes and will sing a song together, too! I think it will be a really sweet show. I'll be doing some radio promotion for this gig so if you fancy hearing some live in-studio songs tune in to KRCB on March 21 at 10am and KRSH on March 24 at 10am.
For the final news item: I am in another new band!
We are called Old Century Blood. Players are: Kirana Peyton on violin and vocals, Christopher James on guitars and vocals, Jason Berkman on drums and myself on piano and vocals. We are joining forces on the songwriting which is proving to be very illuminating and enjoyable. I feel so excited about playing with these folks. Rocking out with them is so incredibly fun and inspiring and we are very much looking forward to playing lots of shows. Check out our Bandcamp page for more info on the band, and listen to our demo which we all had a great time making.
My ever so lovely partner recorded us in our house, which we had full of all kinds of music gear and instruments during the two-week recording process and I don't think our place has ever looked more wonderful. There is something about cables, cords, microphones and instruments of all kinds jammed into a little space that just warms the heart. Here's to more of that magic for 2016!


October 21, 2015

Summer into Fall

Autumn has come but it is still hot here in Northern California which is always disappointing to me. I love the changing seasons but get impatient when they do not change fast enough. I am done with this year's heat but I am sure it isn't done with me yet.
This past summer has been a busy one. I've started a new band with two very cool women: Kirana Peyton and Dawn McCarthy. We are called Matronae and we sing all kinds of songs; some of our own and some written by others including Sinead O'Connor, Demis Roussos, and Popol Vuh. We use our three voices plus percussion, violin and piano. It has been so inspiring learning new songs written by musicians I've never heard of before - makes me realize there is so much stuff out there, I just gotta find it! Even more inspiring has been my time with Dawn and Kirana as they are two really great musicians, strong in voice and purpose; reminding me why we are lucky to have music (and voice!) as our medium. Rocking out with them is incredibly satisfying and wonderful.
We had our first show in September down in Big Sur. If ever there was a perfect place to show the world a new project it would be under those old trees... and it was! The moon rose behind us as we sang and played our hearts out - what a night!
I realize it is silly to tell you of a show after it has already happened but it all went so swiftly and the tickets were sold out before we had agreed to do the show (we opened for Bonnie 'Prince' Billy so they went fast). Hopefully the next you hear of Matronae it will be in relation to a show that some of you might be able to come to. Check out our Facebook page if you have the desire!
In regards to my solo work, I'm still here whittling away at things on the piano... I have all sorts of things swirling around, I'm giving chase, putting in time, sitting with the lights out so as not to scare it all away and slowly but surely things are starting to appear...

January 30, 2015

A Show!

It has been about two and a half years since I have played a show in Sonoma County. I reckon it's about time I dug out my keyboard from the back of the closet, gathered up all my cables, mics, amps and nerve, and sorted out a gig for myself. I'm getting ancy to get back to singing for a crowd. It's taken me a bit of time to figure out just what music is for me, and how it fits into my big picture, and I've come to realize that playing my songs for people is part of why I write them. Human connection and all that stuff. Thanks to my friend Lynn, I've got a show booked at Hopmonk in Sebastopol for February 22nd. It will be a chance for me to play some new songs that I'm hoping to record later this year, and revisit the old ones that I've been missing. I'll be playing in the lovely garden from 3-5. It's covered and cozy so the show will go on rain or shine. Let's hope for rain, though, huh?

August 9, 2014

Joy to the world...

There is a lot to say about joy
Much to say about the light.
We just have to figure out
How to say it right.

I wish that I was better at writing about the joy and light that there is in the world.  It's there, and it's something to rejoice in, but I find it difficult to find words and ways of moving through it that seem worthwhile.  Something about the dark and sadness moves me in a different way, although I am trying hard to incorporate the other.  No success yet, and maybe there never will be, but we must live in hope.

All that to say here is another sad and slow song because that is what I can do, for now.  It's called A Mountain, Unmovable and that is all I will say about it.

March 31, 2014

Sent from my kitchen studio...

Hello to you all!

It is Spring, and here I will make the obvious connections to new beginnings and share with you all that this page marks one for me.  I've been absent from the music world for a few years now, quietly ignoring my piano and notebooks for months on end, and then diving into them with fervor only to be banished back outside, into the hallway, where I am supposed to think about the things I've done.  Banished by who?  Well, myself I guess.  Anyway, it ain't easy but as I've learned in the past few years I think writing songs is part of how I live in the world.  It's as much for me as it is for anyone who is generous enough to listen.

Enough of that.  This page is for music that I've written, that I'm writing, and that I will write.  I've got a little recording set-up in the corner of my kitchen, where I am not making anything groundbreaking, professional, or polished.  It's my kitchen studio, where I will sit down to sing, play and record in between doing all the other things that living a life requires.  I don't have a soundproofed space and I have an old piano which will be reflecting off my wooden floors and windows, along with my voice.  This is how I like it, and what I am capable of in my daily life, and that is that.  I feel absolutely lucky to have a place to do all of this, and I hope that the music I'll be posting here will be found useful by someone.  Thank you again for visiting and with great sincerity I say that I am very grateful for all the support I've received in the past and for the support I may receive in the future.

For my first post here, I am going to put up a song that I wrote and recorded about 5 years ago (5? Really?!?!) but have never put anywhere.  So, here's a start!  It's called Violent Waves and I wrote it after reading the great book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.  It's about the book but also about all the other stuff floating around my head that relates to the book... and now listening again years after writing it, it kind of reveals it's meaning to me; a relevance that had escaped me when I belted it out all that time ago.