March 5, 2016

Something's happening!!

I am breaking the silence of this page for a couple of exciting news items. Life is returning to my online presence and I know everyone is going to be very relieved. I know I am.
Firstly, I am playing a show! I was invited by the very kind Jon Gonzales to play his Songwriters in the Round series at Hopmonk in Sebastopol on March 24th. The show starts at 8pm, and I will be sharing the stage with three other songwriters: Bill DeCarli, Anita Bear Sandwina, and Coyote Slim. We will be taking turns playing our tunes and will sing a song together, too! I think it will be a really sweet show. I'll be doing some radio promotion for this gig so if you fancy hearing some live in-studio songs tune in to KRCB on March 21 at 10am and KRSH on March 24 at 10am.
For the final news item: I am in another new band!
We are called Old Century Blood. Players are: Kirana Peyton on violin and vocals, Christopher James on guitars and vocals, Jason Berkman on drums and myself on piano and vocals. We are joining forces on the songwriting which is proving to be very illuminating and enjoyable. I feel so excited about playing with these folks. Rocking out with them is so incredibly fun and inspiring and we are very much looking forward to playing lots of shows. Check out our Bandcamp page for more info on the band, and listen to our demo which we all had a great time making.
My ever so lovely partner recorded us in our house, which we had full of all kinds of music gear and instruments during the two-week recording process and I don't think our place has ever looked more wonderful. There is something about cables, cords, microphones and instruments of all kinds jammed into a little space that just warms the heart. Here's to more of that magic for 2016!