No Depression, Tim Dunlop, October 2010.
"A lovely singer-songwriter album of understated but powerful songs by someone I'd never heard of before. Serendipidity doesn't get much better than that."

I Like Music, Sacha Whitmarsh, July 2009.
"Joni Davis' songs are most definitely dark; her deep, powerful voice as intense as her lyrics; resonating over strong, simple piano. Think Carole King shaken with Nina Simone and poured by PJ Harvey."

Space City Rock, Jef With One F, 6 February 2009.
"There's a scene in H. G. Wells's The Time Machine where the Time Traveler pushes his machine millions of years into the future and sits on a beach under a dying red sun. There, he watches life itself begin to fade, like a person with terminal cancer slipping off bit by bit. If, when he had come to a stop, there had been a girl at a piano quietly singing a requiem for the Earth, that girl would have to be Joni Davis."

Wears the Trousers, Alan Pedder, 16 July 2008.
"With her resonant, powerful voice, Joni weaves astonishingly direct and affecting tales full of melancholy, reparation and the transience of the human condition. The immaculate production, by Joni and her husband, at times gives the feeling of having her singing only for you in the very same room. A brilliant performance of unsettling, incredible, positively sepulchral songs, A Bird's Heart simply begs for wider recognition."

North Bay Bohemian, Gabe Meline, 9 January 2008.
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"It's this sort of unconventional songwriting that will inevitably draw comparisons to PJ Harvey's latest all-piano album White Chalk... Like Jolie Holland, Joni Davis is able to distill folk music, carnival music, jazz and balladry into something new and strange."

Joni Davis kicks off new soundcheck series, John Beck, Pop Culture blog site, 9 January 2008

One of my favorite singers..., John Beck, Pop Culture blog site, 3 January 2008

Bugbear Promotions, London, 6 February 2007
"Singersongwriter rocking a very strong dramatic voice redolent of a more powerful PJ Harvey. Yes, the girl can certainly sing... The backing is sparse piano and very little else, this has a spectral, chilly charm. Songs for Tindersticks fans to mope around their mum's bedrooms to, maybe it is, but it is very good."

Joni Davis takes off, John Beck, Press Democrat, 31 December 2006

Joni Does London, John Beck, Pop Culture blog site, 27 December 2006

Duets, Val Esway, Soup and Song bog site, 10 November 2006
"I highly recommend giving her a listen; her voice is deep and rich and lusty"

Shy meets shy, John Beck, Press Democrat, 15 June 2006
"She's an old blues sage trapped in a young woman's body, and to hear her sing is a delight."

Piano siren or hip-hop, John Beck, Press Democrat, 28 April 2006

Close your eyes, listen and be spellbound, John Beck, Press Democrat, 20 January 2006
"Her debut collection of nine piano-driven ballads has more in common lyrically with Nick Cave or Sparklehorse, but its Bessie Smith or Nina Simone who come to mind... because she carries the same weight..."